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Carrying the generator

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Topic: Carrying the generator
Posted By: Sandybeach
Subject: Carrying the generator
Date Posted: 21 Jun 2016 at 10:01pm
Where does everyone pout the generator while traveling? Any concern about gas odor? Same question concerning the gas container.

We just purchased a Honda 2000, going a week dry camping at Acadia.

We did a mod to add a 2nd battery after last year dry camping in Canada - I have to learn how to charge the batteries!! and I'm a bit afraid of a electric shock. Or causing irreparable damage ect.

My 40 amp solar does not seem to do much in my shady site I had last year. WE were running tow vehicle to get a bit of lighting and keep devises charged.


Posted By: rollinstone
Date Posted: 13 Jul 2016 at 9:50pm
Did you get an answer to this, yet? Personally, I wouldn't carry anything inside my R-Pod that contains petroleum products, including a generator, unless it is completely drained of fuel...fumes and potential for fire outweigh the need. I'll excuse the oil in the crankcase, but absolutely no fuel. I also won't carry anything like that inside my tow vehicle for the same reasons. If you have a pickup truck, then you're OK tossing whatever you want in the bed.

There are several types of exterior racks available for carrying generators and fuel. One I like attaches to the trailer a search and you'll come up with several.


2014 Draggin'Pod 178

'97 Explorer 5.0L AWD

Posted By: Lark
Date Posted: 14 Jul 2016 at 9:06am
Your solar panel is 40 watts a measurement of power out put.  This would provide only a trickle charge and not really charge the batteries.  When you connect two batteries together, they must be a matched pair of the same age.  The internal resistance of the batteries must be the same.  Otherwise one battery will overcharge and go dry.  If you are driving a non  pickup type vehicle, a external rack is best for a generator.  You won't really get a shock off a 12 volts.   I've worked with heavy equipment systems and have only felt a slight tingle when being very wet.  The main thing is to make sure when connecting a charger is  Plus to plus and minus to minus  +  and -  Always use distilled water to fill the battery cells.  If unsure have a dealer show you how to do it.  Be careful about causing a short circuit across a battery. 
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Posted By: Oliver
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2018 at 1:41pm
Do you have a link for that tongue generator carrier?

Posted By: mcarter
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2018 at 5:02pm
The Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray is what I have, it is capable of holding 300 lbs, I do not put anywhere near that on my TT.  I use it to store and carry a single 2K genset, I use for emergency purposes.  Many use the Honda and Champion gensets, like the Honda 2K with Companion, it would be best carried in a pick up bed.  The Stromberg Carrier is easily found doing a interweb search or with GOOGLE.

Mike Carter
2015 178

Posted By: Oliver
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2018 at 9:14pm
I have the Honda 2K with Companion. But I don't have a pick up. Got an SUV. I wish there was a way to add a carrier either to the back of the SUV (which might be tricky since the hitch is already occupied) or to the tongue. The Stromberg carrier is just a small tray for l gen.

Posted By: Tibof
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2018 at 11:38pm
When you run your generator and the Pod is plugged into it, your batteries will charge.  As for carrying the Honda generator, my son's Pod has a very nice rear carrier that was custom built.  But you will need the Honda cover and a little tent to run it in the rain.  The generator fits nicely into it, and a sliding bar with a lock prevents easy theft.  I will try to post a photo. Nothing prevents a determined thief.

Posted By: mcarter
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2018 at 11:00am
DO they make a front mount 2" receiver for your SUV?  Possibly adding that and a 2" receiver tray you could carry the gensets at the front of SUV.

Mike Carter
2015 178

Posted By: Tibof
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2018 at 6:29pm

Posted By: Tibof
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2018 at 6:43pm
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Posted By: Marwayne
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2018 at 9:45pm" rel="nofollow">

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